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About Lucy at Dog Walking Gloucester

I love Jack Russells... they're energestic and cheeky!

Hi, I'm Lucy and I've lived in Gloucester all my life.

I set up Lucy's dog walking service over 5 years ago after working with children and adults with learning difficulties and then in 2017 felt I was ready to take the leap to set up on my own business and work with the cutest animals in the world - dogs!

My current companion of 8 years is Florence. I've 

always had Jack Russells growing up and my first dog Molly is where I found my passion for dogs - all shapes and sizes.


I'm very sporty and I love being outdoors, which is great because you'll find me cutting grass and building fences in my field when I'm not walking your pups. I have given up my regular footy game to ensure I'm always fit to collect and walk your cuddly companions!  

I was lucky enough in 2020 to aquire a dog walking field and I'm proud to be able to offer this much needed facility as well. Check out Florence's Field!

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Florence's Field , Dog Park, Hucclecote Gloucester
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